Rent a Car in Alanya

Rent a car in Alanya..
    We are the professional about car hire. You will always feel comfortable and confident, if you have a car in Alanya, you can go to everywhere by car you can easily and in a short time get to any place - the city center, Castle, Dimcay, the beach or go shopping. In our Rent a Car service, there are always available cars and minibuses with manual and automatic gearboxes.
You don't need international driving license. Your local driver licence is enough. You can rent a car for any period.
    To rent a bigger cc motorcycle or scooter you must have a driving license category A. You can rent a bicycle from Alanya Erhan office.

    Driving in Turkey very security and friendly like all over the World. Alanya area road surface is good. Traffic is monitoring by traffic cameras and police radars. You can't driving without documents, without the safety-belt, as well as after using alcohol - is strictly prohibited. All cars are fully insured without risk. In case of any problem Erhan team will help you any time.
We will find for you a suitable one for the lowest price. Alanya Erhan car rental, Since 2002.

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