How can I get my car?
If you had reservation that you gonna get the car at airport, one of our personnel will be at the gate with the signboard your name on
If you gonna get the car at hotel, our personnel will be at your hotel reception.
What should you do if you make an accident?
You should not move the car until the police or gendarme reach the accident, call the police (154) or gendarme (outside city) (156), get alcohol and traffic report and a copy of the other vehicles insurance. You should also inform us immediately about the accident.
 0090 532 517 39 37

•Traffic accident report,
•Alcohol report of the driver, 
•Copy of the driver’s license,
•Copy of the vehicle’s registration,
•Photos from the place of accident and damage photos of the vehicles (particularly for one party accidents, this must be present).
What should you do if someone damaged your car?
You must drive your car carefully for you and your environment safety.But sometimes the others cannot be careful like you and can make some damaged on your car. 

İn these cases you must make these. 

You must call the police (155) and must take a police report from them.After you took the police report you must take among yourselves the trafic insuarence documents, driving licence copies,and identification cards copies. 
To can have a damaged report file by insuarence agency you must have this documents. 
You must take the trafic insuarence documents, driving licence copies,police report ,alcohol report and identification cards copies.

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